Case: DUI

Outcome: Ginger Ortiz is by far one of the best professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I think she under charges for her great services. She is very professional and will not rip you off,. She is honest, has your best interest in mind and is very easy to talk to. 

I am very particular as to how things will run. I wanted her to take charge on what I think is a misguided accusation. Ginger is not afraid to cross examine any type of authority or uniform. I strictly instructed her to be aggressive against advice from friends of mine that attended law school. She did exactly what I wanted and concluded her job with excellent marks pre-trial. She is a winner and has done so already in the legal process.  I have read online that Ginger has done some of the best closing arguments a judge has ever heard  during trial from a local newspaper.  Not worried at all. Couldn't have landed in better hands.  

I will be the first to raise my hand and call "my bad" if I thought I had done the wrong thing. I understand that it will cost me twice as much, maybe more to fight than to just take a deal. I love Ginger because she will just go all out as I wanted. I don't care if I end up losing more in the end but she won't let that happen witch makes her phenomenal. She has to keep all egos in check, including clients. She did tell me that she won't let me go through a meaningless trial even though I know that is what I wanted all along. I want to let the people decide because I do not trust (their system).

CALL HER.  Ginger will solve your legal problems the right way and she is vary fair in pricing. Do not fall into the trap of lawyers that market themselves like crazy. Do not be on the losing end of the legal system.

Case: Family Law

Outcome: I cannot recommend any professional more highly than I recommend Ginger Ortiz. She is my attorney, and I trust her implicitly. Her integrity is beyond question, and she is highly intelligent and intuitive. When she takes your case, she is on your side - 100%. A fighter, an advocate for those who have had challenges in life, Ginger is a real human who possesses both insight and compassion and uses both with skill. I will always be her advocate, just as she has been mine.